To All Inspiring District Governors:


Please invite ALL your club presidents to the dinner at the Okada with RI President Barry Rassin on July 19, 2018. We will schedule a MASS induction of all Club Presidents during this dinner, to be performed by RI President Barry Rassin. All Inspiring District Governors will also be inducted by RI President Barry Rassin during the lunch scheduled with him exclusively for Inspiring District Governors on July 19, 2018.

May I request that we enter the names of the PDGs (with District Number) who will be attending the Dinner for Barry and Esther on the 19th of July? This will allow RCM to know how many tables to reserve for PDGs. Thanks

Pls invite all our incoming presidents who want this and willing to pay for their own plane fare and hotel accommodations etc and a 3,000 peso dinner at Okada otherwise hindi ito mandatory because of cost but if they happen to be in Manila pls take the opportunity for this induction. Thanks
P.S. Please advise we need ASAP confirmation to reserve the tables especially our PDGs because they will be seated in front para hindi maubusan ug table.


DG Benjamin Garcia
Rotary year 2018-2019


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